Land Use Monitoring

There are countless zoning authorities in the St. Croix watershed. The authorities make land use decisions that may affect the quality of the St. Croix River and its watershed. SCRA needs volunteers to monitor the zoning activities in each jurisdiction, as it would require too much staff time to keep track of them. Volunteers will be taught how zoning proceedings work, and duties could include:

  • Keep track of zoning activities in your chosen area (town, county, or village).
  • Find out the subject of each variance and conditional use hearing. If possible, join mail lists to receive advance notice of hearings.
  • Decide whether a matter needs close attention by SCRA.
  • For potentially important matters, contact the volunteer zoning coordinator.
  • Maintain copies of local zoning ordinances and state laws regarding zoning.
  • Respond promptly when contacted by a zoning monitor.
  • For potentially important zoning activities, find out what the proposed activity is, where it is in the zoning process, whether and when a hearing is scheduled, where the activity is to be located, and the permit applicant’s name.
  • Decide how the proposed activity would affect the watershed and whether SCRA should get involved. Contact Staff if a matter might warrant SCRA involvement.
  • Attend hearings and keep in touch with zoning administrators on potentially important zoning activities
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