Advisory Council

The St. Croix River Association Advisory Council is made up of individuals whose background, knowledge and/or network can assist the Association in achieving its goals and program priorities.

The Association will tap into the wealth of experience and skills of the Advisory Council to support our mission to protect, restore, and celebrate the St. Croix River and its watershed.

Chuck Arnason, Past SCRA President

Jerry Dorff, Past SCRA Board Member

Randy Ferrin, Past SCRA President

Tracy Fredin, Director, Center for Global Environmental Education

Amy Frischmon, Taylors Falls Boat

Peter Gove, Past SCRA Chair

David Griffith, Past SCRA Board Member

Karen Hansen, Past SCRA Board Member

Jane Harper, Washington County (ret.)

Judith Kinkead, Past SCRA President

Ron Kroese

Sally Leider, Past SCRA Board Member

Jill Lucas

Lee Lynch, SCRA Member

Dan McGuiness, Past SCRA Board Member

Hon. Walter Mondale

Tia Nelson, The Outrider Foundation

Susan Schmidt, The Trust for Public Land

Don Shelby

Nancy Speer, Cincinnatus

Tom Triplett, Past SCRA Board Member

John Velin, Past SCRA Board Member

Dan Willius, Past SCRA Chair